About Us

Welcome to Plantium Hemp & CBD

Plantium Hemp & CBD is dedicated to the advancement of innovative products and medical solutions across multiple vertical markets and platforms. Our company is focused on utilizing Commercial Hemp and Cannabinoids (CBD) as its key resource for current products on the market today and future research for a better tomorrow.

Fueled By Nature. Plantium Hemp & CBD believes that if the human body is given the right fuel, it will do the rest. This is the reason we choose to practice organic farming and this is why we only utilize GNP and ISO-certified extraction and manufacturing facilities. In the end, all these extra steps, ensures that you receive the highest quality natural products on the market.

Our formulas are time-tested and backed by science. Our team consists of physiologists, as well as natural and traditional doctors. All of us have one goal in mind- To Fuel The Body Properly!

Plantium knows that by starting with the seed and controlling the entire process we can deliver the most consistent, safe, and effective natural products in the industry.

Plantium Specializes In The Following:

  • Farming: Consulting, Purchasing, Contracting
  • Extraction & Sale of Bulk Oils: CBD Isolate, CBD Distillate, Crude Oil
  • CBD products with proprietary blends designed to aid in pain, inflammation, stress, and anti-aging.
  • Research and Development

Join our community to learn more about advancements both within our company as well as within the industry as a whole.