As CBD gains popularity amongst consumers, companies are coming up with more creative ways to sell it. Now, on the market, consumers are buying anything from raw CBD oil, to gummy bears, to chocolates, to tinctures.

According Entrepreneur, CBD tinctures are gaining popularity and, even though they “contain all the rich benefits of the cannabis plant in high concentrations and are administered orally”, one must take care when determining which product is suitable for consumption. Entrepreneur published an article recently on five key essentials a consumer should keep in mind when shopping for tinctures, below is our synopsis:

1. Always check the label before purchasing a CBD tincture.

The Journal of the American Medical Association states that only 30% of all CBD products are accurately labeled, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise since it’s still a growing industry and the FDA is continuously adjusting its guidelines. Consumers need to be wary when buying and CBD product, but especially with tinctures. A vital piece of info to look out for is the Certificate of Analysis, or COA. This displays the tincture’s level of cannabinoid and its overall purity. Transparency is important for consumers to make it both safe and effective, and the COA is one piece of important information to look out for. Another piece is whether food-grade alcohol was used.

2. Tinctures need to be taken in small servings.

One other difference that tinctures have over CBD oil is that it’s super concentrated. The saying “a little bit goes a long way” really does apply in this situation. Even though there is no evidence that shows that you can overdose, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Tinctures usually come with droppers to help consumers dispense the product.

4. Potent tinctures contain terpenes.

We all know that the cannabis plant contains medical benefits. One reason being is a component called terpenes. The terpenes gives the tinctures their aroma and flavor, and it’s also added as a boost for medicinal purposes. Seeing that tinctures are usually claimed as a way to help relieve ailments and symptoms, specific terpenes are added for particular symptoms.

5.  Don’t be misled by the cheaper price.

Entrepreneur states, “Without a doubt, CBD tinctures have powerful benefits, but don’t be seduced by lower price points. Higher-quality CBD tinctures are necessarily expensive. You may see some cheaper CBD tinctures out there, but they likely only contain isolates and not terpenes, and thus won’t be as effective.” In summation, you get what you pay for.

As far as the growing interest in CBD products goes, the above five points can still be applied for consumers to enjoy the benefits safely and effectively. Always be sure to practice sensibly, and the outcomes will remain as a positive experience.

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