Affiliate Marketing Program Overview

Welcome to Plantium’s Affiliate Marketing program! This program is designed to empower individuals like you by providing compensation in exchange for your influence and support of our brand. As a company that is driven by the desire to improve lives, Plantium is looking for influencers who truly believe in the company’s mission, and who also have active followers. Plantium believes that if you give the body what it needs, it will do the rest. In order to become an official affiliate, you must accept and adhere to the guidelines below. We provide these guidelines to ensure that both you and the brand remain within proper advertising laws, as well as to ensure that the brand is represented properly. Proper advertising must remain within FDA regulations.

Plantium’s Affiliate Marketing Program Details

Plantium Will Provide:

  • FREE product to be utilized for each Product Campaign.
  • Marketing kits & Digital Assets for each Product Campaign to choose from.
  • Specific Branded Posts (amount varies per product). These are mandatory for each influencer and must have the same wording and digital asset that is provided. Personal affiliate links must be plugged into discretionary line.
  • A personal affiliate link. A pre-determined discount will be attached to this link for your customer. Tracking of sales is done through your personal affiliate link – this MUST be used or you will not be compensated. For your convenience, we will create a free LinkTree account for you utilizing your affiliate links. The LinkTree can be personalized to include your own brands and channels!
  • A personal discount on Plantium ProductsIt is important to us that our affiliates are rewarded for supporting us! Although your first product is free, it would be impossible for Plantium to sustain sending free products continuously. 

Affiliate Guidelines & Expectations 

Plantium’s Affiliate Marketing Program includes 2 parts:  

Note: We will create a free Linktree account for your page that we highly recommend utilizing. You can use this link to direct your followers wherever you want, including your own brands! We just ask that you keep Shop CBD as a link. For your convenience, there will be an Affiliate Area link that has your personal code however this can be toggled on-off. View the bio of for an example.

1. Brand Posts (minimum of 1 BP per product- can be in story form!)

  • Introduction of Product 
  • Features of Product

 2. Personal Posts (minimum of 2 per product). If you’d like to post more about the product, please feel free! However, it is suggested to not have more than 3 Plantium Posts per week per platform.

  • Personal Unboxing Video
  • Personal Experience with the product

Branded Post(s)-

The amount of Brand Post(s) per product will vary; we expect there to be anywhere between 1-4 Brand Post(s) per product.  Branded Posts are mandatory, however they can be placed in your stories. These Brand Post(s) will be spread out across week(s).

  • Brand Posts will be provided to you on a product-by-product basis.
  • Brand Posts will have specific digital assets; these must be used.
  • Brand Posts will have specific wording; these may not be altered/changed in anyway without prior approval.
  • Brand Posts must include your own personal link (if possible). If you do not have this option, please write the link or direct followers to your bio link.

One Personal Post (Weekly)- The company will give you general guidelines to stay within, starting with the series to go with each product you launch.  

  • Every new product will have an unboxing video; video deadlines will be based upon product receipt.
  • Personal post of your experience with the product. Other guidelines may be provided.
  • For most products, the company will provide a special offer to help enhance sales.
  • Lastly, between product campaigns, you are welcome to send out reminders on products you have already introduced.

Please note- more posts do not necessarily mean more sales! We do not suggest more than 2-3 posts a week on the same social media platform.


  • Be happy, fun and positive. 
  • Utilize your own sense of style for Personal Posts.
  • Engage with your audience.
  • Represent yourself and the company in a professional manner.
  • Represent the company in a positive fashion.  If you are not sure if a post is compliant please send it to us and we will help you and approve.


Below are important guidelines that you are required to read, agree to, and execute.

The FDA has very specific laws and regulations that we must adhere to when advertising CBD, therefore we take the following very seriously. If, at any point, you have a question about whether or not your Personal Post adheres to our guidelines, we urge you to reach out to us FIRST. If any posts are found to be in violation of any of the following, Plantium will immediately terminate your contract. 

Under NO circumstances are you allowed to do any of the below when representing Plantium or its’ products:

  • DO NOT make medical claims on any products. You cannot say that our products OR CBD has cured anything medically. Under the U.S. drug laws, it becomes a drug and is highly Illegal. If you are unsure of something you want to post, please send us an e-mail and we will review for any suggested changes.
    Example Statements:
  • UNACCEPTABLE STATEMENT: “I used Plantium Hemp Drops and my anxiety is cured!” We absolutely believe in our products and you most likely will too; even so, it is not acceptable to say it cured you in your posts.
  • ACCEPTABLE STATEMENT: “I use Plantium Hemp Drops to manage my anxiety and I love it”! If people ask you if it works for you, you can say general statements such as, “It works great for me! You should try it for yourself and see how you like it.”
  • DO NOT use the term Dose (or any related term).
  • DO NOT tell someone how much CBD to use for any specific condition(s). Instead, direct the customer to follow the suggested use or servings on the product. If the consumer persists, you can always direct them directly to the company. It is okay to utilize your own personal experiences during dosage conversations. For example, you can say, “I use X amount of CBD for my anxiety, and that seems to do well for me … however, you will need to try it and find what works for you”. 
  • No Nudity, Drugs, Alcohol, or Foul Language. 
  • No bashing of other brands or companies. 
  • No supporting other CBD Brands during Planitum campaigns. (unless approved in writing)


Commission Structure

Commissions are paid on all sales as long as you remain a qualified affiliate.

  • 20% on all direct sales less the cost of shipping.
  • 10% on all direct sales on any sub-affiliates signed up directly under you, by you.
  • Other Perks:  40% off personal product purchases using 50% code. The code is good for up to $350 in personal products a month.
  • You do not receive commissions off your personal orders, but you will off of your sub affiliates.  Once approved you will receive your first product FREE. 
  • If you follow all of the guidelines, you will receive the next in the series FREE as well.  You will only receive free product once on each marketing campaign; following your first product for each campaign, you will need to use your discount code to buy more products. 

Payments: All orders made directly to “The Company” must be paid to “The Company” and commissions will follow in the next pay period.

  • Commissions are paid out on the 10th of each month from the previous month to give time or all sales to settle. 
  • All sales will be tracked and viewed through your personal portal.

Supplied to the Affiliate:

  • Back-end for tracking all sales and viewing sub affiliates.
  • Personal link that tracks back to you & a free LinkTree for your bio.
  • Brand post assets will be provided.
  • Personal post guidelines will be provided for each follow up.
  • Extra approved media, such as banners etc. will also be provided to add to websites, blogs, etc.

Other Requirements:

  • A copy of your valid Driver’s License or passport.
  • W-9 filled out and signed.
  • Signed contract.
  • Signed NDA.

Dispute Resolution: All disputes are to be brought to the company first, in the event that it can not be resolved both parties agree to handle in Arbitration in the Sate of Colorado, within the county of Denver.

Indemnification: I shall indemnify “The Company” and each Covered Person to the fullest extent permitted by the Act, but such indemnity shall not extend to any conduct by the party seeking indemnification that constitutes bad faith, fraud, gross negligence, or willful misconduct. Any indemnity under this Section shall be paid from, and only to the extent of, Company assets and no Member or affiliate of, shall have any personal liability on account thereof.

Either party may cancel this contract at any time for any reason. The independent distributor will have 7 days to return any property or materials that were provided by “The Company”.  Any commissions due will be paid within 7 days of the cancellation of this contract by “The Company”.  The independent distributor agrees to not solicit any customers or accounts with competitive products for a period of 6 months from the cancellation of this contract.  The “Company” shall not hold any of its Affiliates responsible for the direct actions of the company or its officers.  This includes but is not limited to product liabilities, negligence, or direct marketing claims by the company. 

Signature: By clicking this box I agree to the above contract and will adhere to the contents.  I understand that this agreement can be terminated at any time, by either party. I agree that I have read this agreement in its entirety and have the right to ask questions or express concerns.